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Spend free minutes on COMMGiving to finetune your NGOs Online Web promotional strategy.

COMMGiving has made it easy for charities and NGOs to find us as a member of  Web Of Trust, McAfee Site-Advisor and; “An online resource providing a listing of hundreds of consultants, coaches, vendors and specialists who assist nonprofits in maximizing their effectiveness”.

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Free Samples — “Supporters, Networks and Cliques in 4 Minutes”,  “You need a Platform Re-Think in 3 Minutes” and “Use Web Measurements Properly in 6 Minutes”, illustrates the quality of our “instructionals”. In addition there are daily tips by our blog, to fine-tune your on-line marketing.

Free Membership — Sign-up here. There are no hidden charges nor costs. But this is valuable expertise so your status is verified using Guide Star (or other trusted directories).

COMMGiving is “with” NGO’s and NPO’s. The experience behind COMMGiving is unrivaled and here is another of our digital projects:

COMMGiving believes that our country is an instrument for good work that should improve all our lives, no matter who is tackling a specific problem. COMMGiving appreciates your belief and effort and thank-you so much for your time and courage.

If you have a question I can cover in a brief blog post ask it here:

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