COMMGiving: Affordable Housing on the Web

Welfare, that is social assistance, is administered state-wide or province wide, but affordable housing is administered at the local municipal level and that causes many poor families to crowd in big cities with high rent, because they aren't as able to contact each town seeking space. So here is the list of the affordable housing … Continue reading COMMGiving: Affordable Housing on the Web


Commgiving — Creating a Google Home Assistant using Windows 10

Google Home is a little speaker thing that answers questions. You can create one using the speech and voice controls on your laptop. To get Windows 10 to read what is on the screen use Windows Narrator (Hear text read aloud with Narrator). And to use Google using your voice use the microphone icon...

Driving Traffic to Your Website from Social Media

Have your basic information ready, "ABOUT YOU", and connect your Facebook, Twitter and Blog platform together. To connect up your G+ you will need an add-on extension. Everything that appears on one is updated on the others giving people a wholistic impression. They will want to check you out. You can see this in your … Continue reading Driving Traffic to Your Website from Social Media

Crypto Currency is Red Hot

Crypto currency and block chain are technology that is red hot, meaning it is getting a lot of press coverage and also is advertising a lot. There are three main topics here, built on the veracity of the technology. There is the IPO in companies like Bitcoin Inc, there is the crypto currency mining and … Continue reading Crypto Currency is Red Hot