COMMGiving: Affordable Housing on the Web

Welfare, that is social assistance, is administered state-wide or province wide, but affordable housing is administered at the local municipal level and that causes many poor families to crowd in big cities with high rent, because they aren't as able to contact each town seeking space. So here is the list of the affordable housing … Continue reading COMMGiving: Affordable Housing on the Web


COMMGiving: Monopoly in Canada Fits Canada, Not Every Other Country

Canada's had a monopolistic economy long before NAFTA and it has seen this country grow during the Baby Boom post-WW2 era, so it goes with reason that it is the right fit for Canada because of just a few big factors: lack of man power to police the economy, our vast territory is mostly empty … Continue reading COMMGiving: Monopoly in Canada Fits Canada, Not Every Other Country

COMMGiving: Google, Facebook, Publishers

Big publishers with large costs daily, "On any given day, it’s not unlikely for Tom Sly, vp of revenue, national media, at The E.W. Scripps Co., to hop on the phone with one of the company’s many contacts at Google. Digiday" For us indie content producers there are other options. Approach it as Goldilocks not … Continue reading COMMGiving: Google, Facebook, Publishers

COMMGiving: When You See Porn You Can Tell Its Porn

What happened to NAFTA? Consumerism, the demand for continually lowest prices for immediate gratification, means bingeing and porn are indicative of mainstream greediness and impatience; from American Pie to Sears today.