COMMGiving: Affordable Housing on the Web

Welfare, that is social assistance, is administered state-wide or province wide, but affordable housing is administered at the local municipal level and that causes many poor families to crowd in big cities with high rent, because they aren't as able to contact each town seeking space. So here is the list of the affordable housing … Continue reading COMMGiving: Affordable Housing on the Web


COMMGiving|Click Fraud, Publishing More Plentiful than Paparazzi, Books and Liberty

How do brands know which media are influential and which are fraudulent; why is publishing more plentiful than paparazzi; and ultimately where to find what you're seeking out there.

COMMGiving: Google Censorship in China, Made in America is aspirational, The Rest.

Fakers use cheap English. Made in America is aspirational, other things are a bandage solution because of normal snafus; this is Made in America English!  

COMMGiving|Fair Use for YouTube

A quick summary of Fair Use for YouTube and where to learn more about it. Learn from YouTube Inc here, Such as this case study: Political Payoffs And Middle Class Layoffs, an ad created for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, which made fair use of a clip of Barack Obama singing Al … Continue reading COMMGiving|Fair Use for YouTube