COMMGiving|Click Fraud, Publishing More Plentiful than Paparazzi, Books and Liberty

How do brands know which media are influential and which are fraudulent; why is publishing more plentiful than paparazzi; and ultimately where to find what you're seeking out there.


COMMGiving: Google Censorship in China, Made in America is aspirational, The Rest.

Fakers use cheap English. Made in America is aspirational, other things are a bandage solution because of normal snafus; this is Made in America English!  

COMMGiving|Fair Use for YouTube

A quick summary of Fair Use for YouTube and where to learn more about it. Learn from YouTube Inc here, Such as this case study: Political Payoffs And Middle Class Layoffs, an ad created for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, which made fair use of a clip of Barack Obama singing Al … Continue reading COMMGiving|Fair Use for YouTube