COMMGiving: Personal encryption, one more time

There are four layers of encryption on any desktop, laptop...and as for nude pics on girls, well, I unravel that mystery too.  

COMMGIVING: AdWords or Bing what is the difference?

The difference between the two platforms is also the same for the Yellow Pages: all three are unique platforms. COMMGIVING: AdWords or Bing what is the difference?— ╰(◕ヮ◕)つcultureproof♡Good( ・ω・)ノmorning~ (@thecultureproof) January 21, 2020

COMMGIVING: Higher min. wage how should you advertise?

I suggest you put your ads in front of, what are called fans of your segment, rather than non-customers --- as a small business creating in roads with non-customers is an expensive mission better done through culture. COMMGIVING: Higher min. wage how should you advertise?— ╰(◕ヮ◕)つcultureproof♡Good( ・ω・)ノmorning~ (@thecultureproof) January 21, 2020

COMMGiving: Try Twitter Periscope

The latest live streaming platform by Twitter is excellent. You can do it using simply your phone or connect it to a streaming software. The connection is uninterrupted and gives you that nice live feel. Here is my first one on Twitter, which I can download a copy and post on my website.

COMMGiving: Google Assistant, Microsoft Skin, Droid Automation

Most people don't turn on the potential of their smart phone. When you do, just about any phone becomes an incredible device. Here I demonstrate hands free AI and Microsoft conveniences. Lastly an app which I liked so much I paid for it.

IoT Projects at Home — COMMGiving

Here is a number of videos for DIY IoT in the home that includes door sensor and video camera over the internet to your phone. Firstly demonstrating how my door sensor works. Secondly, keeping your IoT information secure. Lastly, the stuff I bought myself.