COMMGiving: Marketing, Innovation, and A Reason For It

Marketing is for folks on the inside. Outside the box is Oz, it ain't Kansas because Kansas is democracy and Oz is a cult.


COMMGiving: Productivity Daily Devices

In the post-modern information age, mobile devices for productivity are work equipment and ought not be manhandled nor under treated as if they are someone else' responsibility.

COMMGiving: VPN As Toll Road Pass Congested Internet Traffic

A subcription VPN is a toll road pass congested internet traffic when your ISP says it's the amount of internet traffic in your area. Some VPN services have mobile apps for your phone connectivity and it is also great additional encryption when using public wifi.

COMMGiving: Social Inequity, Management Inadequacies and Bridging Productivity Gaps

Consumer services geared toward middle class families with redundant alternatives are inadequate at serving customers at the lower end of the spectrum. Nonetheless, a consumer VPN is a great answer to this immediate and practical problem.