COMMGiving: Most Americans Can’t Distinguish A Lie

I hope I can find my blindside where I'm just as greedy!

COMMGiving: Google and Media’s Monopoly

Google has failed in its mission to improve America's wisdom! It has created more garbage on the internet at the expense of real education! The rich are saying they're no better than Americans in the 1800's!

And My Reason Supporting Net Neutrality on this Planet

Spam operators oughtn't have the right of way. And to me, they became so overnight. Some of these showpeople without much national participation outside commerce are a sweeping media attempt to service every segment of the audience. These are caricatures and my reaction is the punch line. I believe in Net Neutrality because corporate media … Continue reading And My Reason Supporting Net Neutrality on this Planet

Driving the Information Super Highway

There is a skills gap when it comes to driving the information super highway, and perhaps its just a public safety skills gap after all, that people take for granted this technology is only for the 'well to do' and only has the 'well to do' on it. In recent news, the vast dating website … Continue reading Driving the Information Super Highway