COMMGiving: Google and Media’s Monopoly

Google has failed in its mission to improve America's wisdom! It has created more garbage on the internet at the expense of real education! The rich are saying they're no better than Americans in the 1800's!


COMMGiving: Google Censorship in China, Made in America is aspirational, The Rest.

Fakers use cheap English. Made in America is aspirational, other things are a bandage solution because of normal snafus; this is Made in America English!  

COMMGiving: Google, Facebook, Publishers

Big publishers with large costs daily, "On any given day, it’s not unlikely for Tom Sly, vp of revenue, national media, at The E.W. Scripps Co., to hop on the phone with one of the company’s many contacts at Google. Digiday" For us indie content producers there are other options. Approach it as Goldilocks not … Continue reading COMMGiving: Google, Facebook, Publishers