COMMGiving: Social Inequity, Management Inadequacies and Bridging Productivity Gaps

Consumer services geared toward middle class families with redundant alternatives are inadequate at serving customers at the lower end of the spectrum. Nonetheless, a consumer VPN is a great answer to this immediate and practical problem.


COMMGiving| Erosion of Private Life

Yes there is an erosion of privacy. It stems from the big idea of big data, like Facebook data. But what they see is nonsense about you and me such as: 45 yo, high school, divorce, 2 kids and an ex wife, millions annual income, business owner, dating a 21 yo. yadayadayada. Or some other … Continue reading COMMGiving| Erosion of Private Life

COMMGiving: Google Censorship in China, Made in America is aspirational, The Rest.

Fakers use cheap English. Made in America is aspirational, other things are a bandage solution because of normal snafus; this is Made in America English!