COMMGiving: The COMMGiving Method

The whole enchilada that creates the COMMGiving Method is a tiny book on Amazon and all the recorded videos on this website, helps you be that manager and a sales person for yourself or your invention.  

COMMGiving: Maslow’s Hierarchy of Wants and Needs

Psychopathic marketing (e.g. consumerism) is the Fentanyl for the marketing world. Consumerism is as real as bad public health.

COMMGiving| Erosion of Private Life

Yes there is an erosion of privacy. It stems from the big idea of big data, like Facebook data. But what they see is nonsense about you and me such as: 45 yo, high school, divorce, 2 kids and an ex wife, millions annual income, business owner, dating a 21 yo. yadayadayada. Or some other … Continue reading COMMGiving| Erosion of Private Life