COMMGiving: Loopholes, Expertise and Ignorance

Popular culture shapes the view of a media consuming economy and trains them to behave, except, that many are not media literate (they can't live outside the fictional paradigm) --- they're insane LOL.


COMMGiving|Click Fraud, Publishing More Plentiful than Paparazzi, Books and Liberty

How do brands know which media are influential and which are fraudulent; why is publishing more plentiful than paparazzi; and ultimately where to find what you're seeking out there.

COMMGiving: Literacy: Simplehood vs Simplicity,

My view on the distinction between literacy and grammaracy, simplehood and simplicity. Expanding on 'normal loop holes' like Canada funding a Falun Gong TV network or superstation in NYC. Normal here means a bunch of beans that can amount to a mountain.  

COMMGiving: What’s “Bad” Media? What’s Media Made Of?

The essential model of media has three parts: the paper & the ink (the printing press plant), the thoughts and ideas (the writer) and the subject matter (perhaps a celeb). Are any of these three components connected to any other part by ownership? Or are they customers of each other?

The Media Distortion is Rate of Change.

The Media Distortion is rate of change. As a blogger, at 43 what do you expect to see? Many arrive on to the media platform having years behind them and you can expect to see what you would expect from someone like that. Others come onto media fresh, like a rookie, and you can expect … Continue reading The Media Distortion is Rate of Change.