COMMGiving: The Trolling Octopus — Corporations, Consultants, Social Media Agents

I might say this, the people who build Fords look silly in Fords. And it's because the type of manager working today do not know you and does not see you as Man.

COMMGiving|Click Fraud, Publishing More Plentiful than Paparazzi, Books and Liberty

How do brands know which media are influential and which are fraudulent; why is publishing more plentiful than paparazzi; and ultimately where to find what you're seeking out there.

COMMGiving: Literacy: Simplehood vs Simplicity,

My view on the distinction between literacy and grammaracy, simplehood and simplicity. Expanding on 'normal loop holes' like Canada funding a Falun Gong TV network or superstation in NYC. Normal here means a bunch of beans that can amount to a mountain.