COMMGiving: Is It You? Signal Processing.

Between you and the traffic is the traffic reporter. Processing media signals.


COMMGiving: Loopholes, Expertise and Ignorance

Popular culture shapes the view of a media consuming economy and trains them to behave, except, that many are not media literate (they can't live outside the fictional paradigm) --- they're insane LOL.

COMMGiving|Click Fraud, Publishing More Plentiful than Paparazzi, Books and Liberty

How do brands know which media are influential and which are fraudulent; why is publishing more plentiful than paparazzi; and ultimately where to find what you're seeking out there.

COMMGiving: Literacy: Simplehood vs Simplicity,

My view on the distinction between literacy and grammaracy, simplehood and simplicity. Expanding on 'normal loop holes' like Canada funding a Falun Gong TV network or superstation in NYC. Normal here means a bunch of beans that can amount to a mountain.  

COMMGiving: What’s “Bad” Media? What’s Media Made Of?

The essential model of media has three parts: the paper & the ink (the printing press plant), the thoughts and ideas (the writer) and the subject matter (perhaps a celeb). Are any of these three components connected to any other part by ownership? Or are they customers of each other?