COMMGiving: The Mother of Cambridge Analytica.

The government has taken hold of the data in Credit Bureaus and centralized it under their control! (source) If you know the movie Gattaca it is getting to be that whether you are neutral or free.

COMMGiving: Canada’s Supreme Court: The Right To Be Forgotten

The Canadian Supreme Court and the Right to be Forgotten, its potential implications and the current lawsuit against Queen Elizabeth 2 for her possessions. Right to be forgotten and online information removal under debate Why a Canadian right to be forgotten creates more problems than it solves

COMMGiving: Literacy: Simplehood vs Simplicity,

My view on the distinction between literacy and grammaracy, simplehood and simplicity. Expanding on 'normal loop holes' like Canada funding a Falun Gong TV network or superstation in NYC. Normal here means a bunch of beans that can amount to a mountain.  

COMMGiving: Monopoly in Canada Fits Canada, Not Every Other Country

Canada's had a monopolistic economy long before NAFTA and it has seen this country grow during the Baby Boom post-WW2 era, so it goes with reason that it is the right fit for Canada because of just a few big factors: lack of man power to police the economy, our vast territory is mostly empty … Continue reading COMMGiving: Monopoly in Canada Fits Canada, Not Every Other Country