COMMGiving: Monopoly in Canada Fits Canada, Not Every Other Country

Canada’s had a monopolistic economy long before NAFTA and it has seen this country grow during the Baby Boom post-WW2 era, so it goes with reason that it is the right fit for Canada because of just a few big factors: lack of man power to police the economy, our vast territory is mostly empty and the vast majority live near the border with the USA. This means it is not profitable to service remote communities and they are only serviced under an agreement with the government, which is this monopoly other countries see.

One example of the failings of this arrangement has to do with telecom service for urban population, and servicing remote communities eat away at the profit from these customers. The problem posed by rampant unpatriotic small minded businessmen (my opinion) belittles the greater good of building out this country. Independent telecom carriers have introduced a new risk to public safety.

Are ‘scam’ phone calls an act of Terror?

Is a platform liable for damages of scammers who use it to target people who follow all security suggestions?

Which carrier has the most phone numbers belonging to scammers or terror agents?

I just received a scam call that uses Iristel, a carrier in Walkerton, where Sonia Varaschin was murdered and the killer still free. Are they liable?