COMMGiving: FB & WordPress Publicize

If you blog using WordPress, Facebook has made an update to allow publishing your entries to your Page not your Profile. WordPress took it in stride explaining that they don't exactly know the difference. So here's my conclusion: its no big deal.


COMMGiving: Google, Facebook, Publishers

Big publishers with large costs daily, "On any given day, it’s not unlikely for Tom Sly, vp of revenue, national media, at The E.W. Scripps Co., to hop on the phone with one of the company’s many contacts at Google. Digiday" For us indie content producers there are other options. Approach it as Goldilocks not … Continue reading COMMGiving: Google, Facebook, Publishers

Get Facebook to Recognize Your Licensing and Incorporation Status

Anyone can create a Facebook Business page but Facebook will only recognize authentic incorporated and licensed businesses with a Check-mark. Businesses with that check-mark on Facebook has provided Facebook with all of the necessary paperwork a County Clerk would also need. Check out my own to see what I mean