COMMGiving: Google’s New My Business Web Brochure

Within a mere 10 minutes, add on Google's new and free business listing web brochure to your Google business listing. Here's how.

Do You Do It To Code?

The website says that in 2014, a mere 60 people in the USA had all 5 Google/Bing certifications in the online marketing profession. They are known as the Big 5. Today, 2017, I can say with pride I am one of the Big 5. Earning certifications is a passive private activity that you can … Continue reading Do You Do It To Code?

Charitable Young Professional Showcase

As a past volunteer for the chapter’s Community Outreach Committee, Blanchard helped raise more than $90,000 towards the Ottawa Network for Education School Breakfast Program as part of the annual charity auction dinner. She also developed a sport tourism events partnership for the region in order to create unity among key stakeholders so that the … Continue reading Charitable Young Professional Showcase