Reprinted — My Banking Drama Reaches Epic Proportions To The Constitution

Reprinted from the Culture Proof blog (my other blog) about the limits of online banking.

In Canada, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms (Official Webpage) gives basic human rights, so much so that it pervades businesses and institutions regardless of their own rules (Federal government says it has no ‘duty of care’ to provide harassment-free workplace for military personnel).

So I have communicated this to my account manager at the bank regarding my banking drama. “My new credit condition brought about by the error by both the automated and live help at RBC Credit, is an unreasonable punishment, with the corporation admitting to its short comings that give rise and make up the entire incident. It is reasonable to say, I would have paid it rather than spend it, as I did this month, and the bank created a smear on my vital credit record, from nothing, from one moment to the next.”

You can kinda infer what happened there. And I’m not accusing anyone at my bank of doing this maliciously as if it were a Credit Ring inside the banking system, I’m just saying their response is unreasonable and unconstitutional.