Sharing Your Location Using Google Maps App – COMMGiving

Sharing your location is safe if you keep safe against cyber-crime. It's good for sales staff and it's good for monitoring your family.

COMMGiving: “The Instagrammable Charm of the Bourgeoisie” is what?

From racism to sitting on one's bed and sharing one's cat, what is this charm? It is doing the ordinary, not the perverse, in perverse not ordinary conditions, in order to be a successful person. (article)

Sharing VS. Promoting

You can pay Facebook or Twitter to Boost Your Post or Promote Your Post, in either instance you are paying the incorporated network to share your post. Or you can have a group of fans Share and Retweet. Both ways start ripples in different circles (circles that are more than 1 degree separated) and it … Continue reading Sharing VS. Promoting