The Media Distortion is Rate of Change.

The Media Distortion is rate of change. As a blogger, at 43 what do you expect to see? Many arrive on to the media platform having years behind them and you can expect to see what you would expect from someone like that. Others come onto media fresh, like a rookie, and you can expect progress as you might expect in their line of work. And some live their lives alongside that media platform, and if they don’t yet have a girlfriend you might ‘demand’ it out of your inner drives that are unmet for yourself because of their image of efficacy (high ability). The media distortion, that mixes information with entertainment, is a rate of change demanded of the moments, not lives, seen on the media platform. And those moments are shared for a greater good, like charity work or the nation or education. Seldom are lives lived out in media and I would say not even for ‘reality format tv’. This is a media literacy blog that is addressing walled culture using the new ideas of open culture and open data that makes leading more transparent so that we all can draw our own conclusions using facts that are accessible to all.