Net Neutrality, Obamacare Repeals are Special Teams

If America were made up of only special teams, aka elites in money, tech and so on, the country will become a powder keg for revolution on the death of the middle class. Net Neutrality Repeal, by the FCC, is a move toward stronger prosecution of anti-competitive behaviour under the authority of the FTC, instead of the FCC. But as digital literacy is on par with health literacy and financial literacy in America, I argue it is practically too soon to make such a change and as such is the blindside of Silicon Valley elites and the rich that the rest of America is just a step behind them.

“The Madison River Communications company was fined US$15,000 by the FCC, in 2004, for restricting their customers’ access to Vonage (article)”. The Net Neutrality Repeal might take such a case to the FTC, not the FCC, by changing the definition of the internet. But as I argue, it is too early that only a few (sic too few) can participate in this discussion.