COMMGiving: SOLO Case Study

The SOLO STAR WARS case study reveals this about media coverage:

  1. box office receipts have yet to be submitted and the latest figures are as of Thursday May 31.
  2. all estimates for SOLO and its competitors are called ‘estimates’ based on statistical models and recent confirmed hits like Marvel Infinity Wars, which skews the data toward ‘Marvel’
  3. outlets that are ringing the death knell of SOLO unabashedly are making it up, those who believe them thinks all analysis is made up
  4. SOLO was targeted to ‘sink’ by these cadre of outlets a month before its release
  5. the roving eye on the street reveals big crowds, excitement and even disappointed reviews by some but who ACTUALLY SAW IT!
  6. these sorts show they don’t think anything has to do with anything else in the world in their la-la land castles. 1. Las Vegas massacre (you already know, else I don’t want ya) 2. advance ticket purchased for SOLO equal to Black Panther. That’s reality not falsehoods practiced-bullshit wrecking the free market system! I’m left with the impression no one ever listened to these wannabes and now I know they’re just out of it.
  7. Disney has green lit OBI WAN movie to start filming in April 2019 with Ewan McGregor, so every character of Star Wars has their own personal plot, fighting against the Imperial Empire led by Darth Vader.

Using the Google Chrome Add-on (free at the Google Web Store) to block sites from my search results, what I see on the web has totally come into focus — not all positive but at least they actually SAW IT!