COMMGiving: Home Office WIFI Myth Buster

You will like this home office wifi myth buster in addition to a really great article from Tom’s Guide about fine tuning the settings usually left open on ‘consumer grade’ wifi routers that need attention!

Firstly, when accessing your wifi router, either plug in your computer directly (i.e. not over wifi) or use an anonymous browser window. The other settings that need attention are,

Items Features Securing
1 In browser go to /HNAP1/ Ought to be unreachable, router is unsecured
2 UPnP Disable it
3 WPS Disable it
4 Admin Login Change password and login
5 SSID Change it to your own, don’t give away your location
6 WPA2 Encryption Enable it
7 Wi-Fi Protected Setup Disable it
8 Cloud-based router management, “mesh” Disable it
9 Update firmware
10 5-GHz band over 2-GHz band
11 Remote administrative access Disable it
12 Administrative access over Wi-Fi Disable it
13 Settings for the administrative Web interface HTTPS://
14 Use a browser’s incognito or private mode
15 PING, Telnet, SSH, UPnP and HNAP Disable it

The entire article at Tom’s Guide is here,news-19245.html and it has some other settings I myself did not try.