COMMGiving: Completeness Is Better Than Paid

Firstly social media is grass-roots neighborhood oriented. It's not commercial media where the content is paid for by advertisers, in this case the platforms are paid for by the advertisers making it possible for citizens to voice their views. A complete, filled out profile is more vital than professional-quality creative.



Corporations are not using social media as another channel of input, so change will have to go through traditional channels for now. So for example, of the pubic debate between NFL and Kneeling, register your formal support by writing to the respective parties. What they say 'muted' is more rightly solemn and not tom-foolery "In … Continue reading COMMGiving: Corporations are NOT LISTENING IN ON SOCIAL MEDIA

COMMGiving: Social Media is not a free newsstand

A mom in this educational social media clip admits she is not technologically savvy so acts as a parent to her kids instead. Social media is not a free newsstand and if you were to add everyone on Earth you would end up back at zero --- no longer social media.